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Questions for TCEA attendees to contemplate and respond.

1. Describe one new thing you discovered and how you will implement it. Include equipment and time concerns, as well as intended audience.

2. What would you tell someone if they asked "What did you get out of TCEA this year"?

3. If given 10 minutes at the next staff meeting, what would you share with them?

4. As a district, what should we do to be ready for the future in teaching in general, and in teaching the technology TEKS?

5. Based on your TCEA experiences, what does our district need to do to move forward in terms of technology integration?

6. What is a technology that we should abandon? What should we embrace?

Transliteracy in a Time-Crunched World – Becky's notes -

  • promotional & instructional tools
  • Putting instructions on the web!
  • Information literacy – mini lesson videos put on server & teachers access as needed.
  • Common knowledge across disciplines – make mini videos, then remind teachers when they begin a unit of study. This could lead to a big project at end of year (use Edmodo).
  • Tutorials (made on Moodle) that all teachers had to access (i. e. –copyright)
  • Library wiki & Learning wiki ( units of study); used Camtasia; could use Jing to take screen shots of computer desktop (make a video of my library website).
  • Maximize student assistants! (“Crew Clubs” at MS level)
  • School newspaper - Edublogs
  • Smilebox – slideshow with music about FSMS Library – Lone Star Book competition – “Clash of the Titles”
  • Mini movies to advertise new books, promotions, etc (can be very corny)
  • Portaportal - $15 – used for projects that can be hidden & unhidden (poor man’s version of LibGuides which has a fee) – see example on Wiki
  • Use Livebinders for a virtual three-ring research binder; teachers could access
  • Shelfari – private access for a book club