Add lessons using mobile devices and tools in the classroom.

Cell Phones as an Instructional Tool
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Cell Phone Resources
From Toys to Tools and Cell Phones in Learning written by Liz Kolb
What Can you Learn from a Cell Phone? By Mark Prensky
Teaching Generation Text written by Lisa Nielsen and Willyn Webb
Cell Phones in Learning – Blogtalkradio with Liz Kolb and Jeff Stanzler
Liz Kolb’s Blogtalkradio show
Lisa Nielsen’s blog - The Innovative Educator
Teaching Generation Text Facebook Group
Teaching Generation Text Google Site
Liz Kolb’s blog - Cell Phones in Learning
Know your district’s AUP and guidelines using cell phones in the classroom
Use guidelines in both Liz Kolb’s “Cell Phones in the Classroom” or
Willyn Webb and Lisa Nielsen’s book, “Teaching Generation Text” to help guide you to affect policy changes

Scissors are dangerous. Why don't we ban them! Don't punish the device. Teach students proper use of them like you would scissors.

Arne Duncen (Sec of Education) regarding games and mobile devices: Tech. Is a power vehicle. Mobile phones: students don't lose their phones. Why don't we deliver content via phones in a more systemic way?

Class parrot.: sends texts from your computer. Mass texts! Students can subscribe to it! Even parents. Free. U earn credits. Generates .pdf for you to print. Setup:

Field trip: have students take pictures of what they learned and send to Wifiti! sends texts free. Flashcards, scavenger hunts. Love this for having students create keyword flash cards.

iPods/iPads in the Classroom

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