QR lesson ideas

Ways to use QR codes:
  • Scavenger Hunts
  • Worksheet with QR codes
  • QR code to get the worksheet or word doc
  • QR for answers to math problems or answers to questions
  • EarthDay - school wide study

QRhacker: allows you to modify QR codes as well as putting pictures in the background.

QRlink allows you to add an add-on to Firefox so if you right click, you can have the QR code added to your Firefox extension list to automatically create QR CODES FOR THE WEBSITE YOU ARE VISITING.

Below are 2 Links to Specific QR Posts from the Digital Goonies
QRjuicebusiness card QR code
QRhacker allows you to "pimp your code" with color and pictures
QR Stuff scroll down the page for fancier QR generators

Try this...download the Firefox extention. It will allow you to right click on any page and create a QRcode right then and there.

**QRvoice** allows you to record you voice to play a short audio message.

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